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The Smart News Toolbox
For Digital Citizens

Be more informed in less time.

Get a well-rounded view of news from multiple sources. Find opposing perspectives, discover who's involved and avoid fake news.

Why Nupinion?

Our Mission

Empower citizens with information.

Democracy needs informed and critical citizens. Nupinion helps you explore the news smarter and faster without letting you stick your head in the digital sand.

Discover new insights, challenge your ideas and get the full story. All for free.

News Literacy How it Works

How Nupinion Works

Smarter news search. For free.


Find key articles faster. We classify any news story into easy to navigate topics based on your search.


Get an overview of any news story quickly. We display article titles and summaries in easy to browse feeds.


News made beautiful. Nupinion's dashboard makes information more accessible and easier to navigate.


Don't limit yourself to one country or language. We translate news from all over the world for you.


Finding news is just the start. Get deeper context by seeing main actors, opinions and social posts.


News breaks fast. We built our dashboard with mobile in mind so you can explore news from anywhere.

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The Smart News Toolbox

Different tools for different people.

For citizens

Get better informed faster.

Empower yourself with news search tools built for the web. See how credible an article is. Easily compare perspectives. Find out who's involved in a story and lots more.

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For professionals

Big data insight at small prices.

Upgrade your research habits without breaking the bank. Discover a modular news dashboard tailored to your needs. Compare sentiment across outlets and countries over time. Tap into our archive and more.

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For organisations

Fully integrated media analytics.

Bring all your strategic decision-making tools under one roof. Connect to Nupinion's powerful news API and build custom integrations with dedicated support. Get the full story inside and outside your organisation.

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Who we are

Denise Xifara Chief Data Officer
Benjamin Gibert Chief Strategy Officer
Konrad Krawczyk Chief Technology Officer
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