We play with news data to explore important topics and visualise media coverage.
5 May 2017

The British PM, Theresa May, has called snap elections on the 8th of June.

We have prepared a tool for you to explore the candidates in your region.

Do they support Brexit?

What's being published about them?

Stay informed.

26 June 2016

We take a look at how often the keyword "Obama" is mentioned in the front pages of the BBC and the New York Times.

Our visualisation shows how these mentions have changed over the course of 2016.

Have the two outlets followed different agendas over the course of this year?

If so, to what extent are the topics that the outlets focus on indicative of national agendas?

As Nupinion is only in alpha, the results we present here are only indicative and by no means are exhaustive or intended to provide an in-depth understanding of coverage on the US Elections or media bias.

11 Feb 2016

How the spreading of news on the Zika Virus correlates with the spread of the virus itself. We don't look at which countries are publishing, surely everyone would. Instead we look at which countries are mentioned in the coverage. By tracking publications over time, we see how different countries become the focus of attention -- a testament to the global reach of the Zika Virus.